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  • Extreme T6 LED Headlight
  • Extreme t6 led headlight
    BRAND: streetwise security products  |  SKU: SWET6HL

    With the Streetwise Extreme T6 Headlight, you'll be able to see up to 100 yards away even when it's pitch dark. Whether you are out in the woods, crawling under a house or working on your car, this bad boy will light up your world like Christmas! It fits comfortably on your head, over a ba...

  • $25.04

    Out of stock
  • GF Thunder 330 Lumen Tactical Flashlight
  • Gf thunder 330 lumen tactical flashlight
    BRAND: cutting edge products  |  SKU: GFR8

    This GF Thunder 330 Lumen Tactical Flashlight features the latest CREE T6 technology. Military Grade Aluminum: Shockproof housing protects the flashlight from damage so it can always be ready when you need it. Water Proof: You can use the light even while out in bad weather. Blinding Light: Not only...

  • $36.64

    Out of stock
  • GF Thunder Light with Pivoting Head
  • Gf thunder light with pivoting head
    BRAND: pepperball  |  SKU: GF0010

    Please Note: Color will vary per unit. GF Thunder Light Cap Light features a 135 lumen LED light housed in a tough black ABS plastic body with slide zoom and aluminum pivoting head. The super bright LED light easily slides over the brim of your cap or clips to your belt or shirt pocket to provide ha...

  • $17.05

  • Multifunctional Rechargeable USB Headlamp
  • Multifunctional rechargeable usb headlamp
    BRAND: pepperball  |  SKU: GF6001

    This light-weight and convenient headlight is a must for camping, exploring, workrooms, garages, or emergency preparedness. Hands-free convenience means this light is ready when you are. Use it with either the adjustable headband or the clip - switching is quick and easy: just twist to remove. Unit ...

  • $22.56

  • Police Force Tactical T6 LED Flashlight
  • Police force tactical t6 led flashlight
    BRAND: police force  |  SKU: PFT6F52

    At about 4 1/2 inches long, this compact tactical LED light boasts features and brightness of models twice its size. It's perfect to carry in your car, pocket, or purse so you'll never be left in the dark. Military grade aluminum alloy protects the flashlight from damage so it can always b...

  • $20.58

    Out of stock
  • Streetwise Security Guard 24/7 Stun Gun Flashlight
  • Streetwise security guard 24/7 stun gun flashlight
    BRAND: pepperball  |  SKU: SWSG247B

    Carrying the Security Guard 24/7 Stun Gun is like having a security guard with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! The bright flashlight features high, low, and strobe modes while the powerful stun gun is sure to make "quick work" of any bad guy that gets too close. It's rubberized armor coating prot...

  • $23.62

  • Streetwise Xtreme Flashlight & Power Bank
  • Streetwise xtreme flashlight & power bank
    BRAND: pepperball  |  SKU: SWXLPB4

    Whether you are preparing your emergency preparedness kit, going camping, or just someone who stays on the go and uses your phone a lot you will love this brand new gadget that combines two must have items: a bright flashlight/lantern and a power bank! In addition to the powerful flashlight, the oth...

  • $25.20

  • Tactical 320 Lumens Flashlight with UV LED
  • Tactical 320 lumens flashlight with uv led
    BRAND: pepperball  |  SKU: GF13

    This GF Thunder 320 Lumen Tactical Flashlight features the latest T6 technology and UV LEDs.FEATURESMilitary Grade Aluminum: Shockproof housing protects the flashlight from damage so it can always be ready when you need it.Water Proof: You can use the light even while out in bad weather.Blinding Lig...

  • $41.66

  • Wuben 3500 Lumen Flashlight w/Survival Bracelet
  • Wuben 3500 lumen flashlight w/survival bracelet
    BRAND: pepperball  |  SKU: T102PRO2

    T102PRO PROMETHEUS is the ultimate high power, tactical flashlight.Features a 30W XHP70-N4 second generation LED for a bright, wide and even beam - actual lumen rating is 3500 in the highest setting (lab tested rating, not an exaggerated number used so often by unscrupulous online sellers) - up to 5...

  • $136.12

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