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  • ARTDECO Double Halo Ring 18Kt White Gold Overlay
  • Artdeco double halo ring 18kt white gold overlay
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 1999199621

    Artistic and Decorative, Bold and Strong, Yet Stunning and Delicate.The ring has round Diamonds in White Gold, individually set on a double halo multi row bands, which makes the Center Stone appear much more bigger and it looks absolutely spectacular! The Center Stone is full 1 Carat and the smaller...

  • $69.32

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  • BELIEVE The Dream Catcher Necklaces In Yellow And White Gold Plating
  • Believe the dream catcher necklaces in yellow and white gold...
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 5346217093

    Dream, Believe, Live.. The Dream Catcher Necklace is all about it.Dream a dream, Believe in the dream wholeheartedly and Live your dream in this life time! Yes it is possible unbelievable things happen only when you BELIEVE!Let the Heart truly BELIEVE in your own self and you can catch hold of your...

  • $41.80

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  • BeYOUtiful Crystal And Antique Silver Style Statement Necklace
  • Beyoutiful crystal and antique silver style statement neckla...
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 451124804

    Nothing says "Be YOU to be Beautiful" like the BeYOUtiful Crystal and Antique Silver Style Statement Necklace. What really makes this necklace beautiful is when you wear it. The pear shaped Swarovski Crystals of the BeYOUtiful Necklace come in beautiful colors like Teal Blue, Green Emerald, Crysta...

  • $58.73

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  • Blissful Princess Cut Ring
  • Blissful princess cut ring
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 2104761093

    We know you cannot stop looking at the Love of your life but trust us, the next best thing to fall in love with is this Princess Ring.When you are basking in love and the beauty of this ring, there is so much to plan before you say "I Do". The wedding destination, the flowers, the music, the dress a...

  • $80.96

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  • Bohemian Bead Bracelet in Springy Colors
  • Bohemian bead bracelet in springy colors
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 448936364

    Bohemian Bead Bracelet in Springy Colors one to match with your outfit that will add color and charm to your casual wear.The bracelets have accented gold beads and a golden bar with crystals.  This hand strung bracelet is lightweight and easy to wear with its stretch beaded strings.Get one for ever...

  • $37.56

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  • Bohemian Beads Waterfall Necklace
  • Bohemian beads waterfall necklace
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 451123816

    Bohemian Beads Waterfall Necklace in Turquoise and Pink beads.Wearing the Bohemian Beads Waterfall Necklace is wearing an expression that your Love is like a rushing waterfall, pure and overflowing with emotions.Select either Turquoise and Red beads or Pink and Mint beads both has tiny little golde...

  • $78.85

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  • Bora Bora - The Exotic Flower Earrings - Handcrafted in Sterling Silver
  • Bora bora - the exotic flower earrings - handcrafted in ster...
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 449498548

    Exotic flower earrings take their shape from the Dahlia bulbs found only one place in the world, the Bora Bora Island which is our inspiration to name the earrings. The texture of these earrings is not only visually pleasing but if they were real flowers, they would have the same rich and divine...

  • $58.73

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  • BOUTIQUE DIAMONDS - Charming Swarovski Drop Earrings
  • Boutique diamonds - charming swarovski drop earrings
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 448480868

    Certain things have an aura of sophistication and richness to them that is inherent and cannot be copied or borrowed. Same goes with these charming Swarovski drop earrings.One glance at these earrings and you will realize that you are looking at something truly special. The ethereal beauty and gra...

  • $90.49

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  • Brilliant Bracelet - A 14kt Gold Plated Brilliant Cut and Shine Diamond CZ Tennis Bracelet
  • Brilliant bracelet - a 14kt gold plated brilliant cut and sh...
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 449509600

    Brilliant Bracelet. To get a 14kt Gold Plated with Brilliant Cut Diamond CZ in a Tennis Bracelet with over 70 ct total weights is a truly brilliant idea!   It is the very best next to real gold.   It has 40 to 50  4mm / 0.43 ct wt., each individually hand set stones in basket settings with over 1...

  • $129.66

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  • Confetti Celebrate With Colorful Necklace
  • Confetti celebrate with colorful necklace
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 435792576

    Step forward in the fashion world with our latest trendy Confetti Necklace.It will definitely enhance your appearance and you will be showered with compliments. The burst of colors will make you stand out in any happy occasion.Select from: Coral Rose and Mint Confetti or Aqua Turquoise and Black Con...

  • $54.50

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  • Diamond in the Sky - Drilled Naked Crystal Diamond on a Sterling Silver hook earrings
  • Diamond in the sky - drilled naked crystal diamond on a ster...
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 451568400

    Diamond in the Sky Drilled Crystal Diamond on a 925 Sterling Silver stamped on a hook style earrings choose form Silver, Gold or Rose Gold.The stones have extra facets to outshine the real diamond. This is an 8mm stones with a total carat wt. of 6.5 carats for a pair of earrings. It comes with a L...

  • $47.09

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  • ETERNITY EVER GLOW - Double Shine Hoop Earrings Crystal
  • Eternity ever glow - double shine hoop earrings crystal
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 448974444

    ETERNITY EVER GLOW.DOUBLE SHINE HOOP EARRINGS in Swarovski Crystal.These Stunning earrings are polished in 14kt Yellow Gold Overlay Or 14kt White Gold overlay.Eternity Ever Glow earrings are 2.25 inches round and have secure spring latch. 

  • $34.39

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  • Fresh Water Pearl, 100 inch Long and Wrap around neck Necklace in 7/8 mm Round Pearls
  • Fresh water pearl, 100 inch long and wrap around neck neckla...
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 435792976

    We absolutely agreed to Coco Chanel's famous quote,' A Woman needs ropes and ropes of Pearls.', and decided to take her word for it. Here we are introducing the 100 inch Genuine Freshwater Pearl Necklace to you all pearly lovers out there. The 100 inch Genuine Freshwater Baroque Pearl Necklace b...

  • $120.13

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  • Gemini Twin Bracelets in Genuine Leather and Antique Metal Finish
  • Gemini twin bracelets in genuine leather and antique metal f...
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 5352386053

    Gemini Twin Bracelets: They look the same, but are different!Look closely and you can tell them apart. The antique finish silver and bronze tube beads, artistically woven through genuine brown and black leather braided ropes make these bracelets too cute to pass by unnoticed! It gives the wearer ...

  • $41.80

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  • Glamour Girl Crystal Bangle Cuff Bracelet
  • Glamour girl crystal bangle cuff bracelet
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 448925992

    Glamour Girl Crystal Bangle Cuff Bracelet.  Shimmer and shine. Wear it and it sure feels like you are walking on the Red Carpet like a celebrity.The Glamour Girl Crystal Bangle Cuff Bracelet has 8 individual rows of crystals with a safety latch lock. It is flexible and there is no cheap elastic ...

  • $56.62

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  • Golden Elephants Ring From TRUNK SHOW Collection
  • Golden elephants ring from trunk show collection
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 5351670853

    A sweet family of three gorgeous 18kt Gold tone Elephants on a Vintage style Silver Plated Statement ring is a dreamlike vision..After learning to take first few baby steps, a tender Elephant calf finally begins to walk confidently with mom Elephant and dad Elephant into the deep forest. They are s...

  • $58.73

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  • Gypsy Heart Pendants Made of Synthetic Fiery Opal On a Sterling Silver Chain
  • Gypsy heart pendants made of synthetic fiery opal on a sterl...
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 435793176

    Gypsy Heart pendant made of Synthetic Fiery Opal on a Sterling Silver Necklace.   The pendant have a hole that will allow it to sway and roam around the necklace  like a Gypsy as you make the moves.The necklace is solid 925 Sterling Silver 16 inch in length with spring loaded clasp lock.   The ne...

  • $61.91

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  • Happy Bird Day Necklace in Sterling Silver
  • Happy bird day necklace in sterling silver
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 1193307397

    Happy Bird Day Necklace in Sterling Silver.Birds should be celebrated not only for their beauty but for their wisdom. Birds teach us to dare and to dream they teach us to spread our wings and fly and sing even through the darkness of the night and hope for the dawn.Express your love for these birdi...

  • $73.55

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  • Happy Ending Anklets in Silver and Gold
  • Happy ending anklets in silver and gold
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 448502160

    Happy Ending Anklets in Silver and Gold.Imagine yourself on a springy day at a beach side resort you are in a lacy Coral dress, your hair looking like beach waves and ruffled flats at your feet all you need to wear now is a smile and last but not the least. Happy Ending anklets to bring it all toget...

  • $44.97

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  • Heavenly Moon Sun Star Necklace
  • Heavenly moon sun star necklace
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 462983184

    The Moon, the Sun and the Star all together, in one place, at one time is a Heavenly sight to see.This Heavenly Necklace gives a similar feeling when you see a loved one after a long time the separation has made the heart grow fonder and now it feels like your moon, your sun and all of your stars ha...

  • $49.21

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  • Hoop Earrings with Crystals in 18kt GF  White, Yellow or Rose Gold
  • Hoop earrings with crystals in 18kt gf white, yellow or ros...
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 435792272

    Hoop Earrings in with dazzling crystals in 18Kt Gold Filled on allow with hypoallergenic post.  The earring are lightweight and easy to wear.   They are available in 18kt Gold Filled in White, Yellow or Rose Gold  Size: 1 5 inch round with 3 mm thick.   The post are flip top on hypoallergenic...

  • $47.09

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  • Hugging Hearts Pendant and Chain
  • Hugging hearts pendant and chain
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 449579192

    Hugging Hearts pendant & chain show your Love and make them feel they want to just hug you.   This delicately made pendant and Chain with outer layer of Austrian Crystals.   The Set is made of Gold and Silver Polished with Rhodium plating.   The chain is 18 inch long.Details:18kt Gold Polished S...

  • $51.32

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  • I Owe It All To You Necklace
  • I owe it all to you necklace
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 448482536

    Express your feelings to someone who brings smile to your face and sunshine in your cloudy days. Someone who believes in you so much that you begin to believe in yourself. Open your heart today and confess. I Owe It All to You.Details:A golden circle and a pin delicately adheres to the necklace.Gol...

  • $37.56

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  • Illusion - Belt Style Ring Crafted In Hand Set CZ Stones On Sterling Silver
  • Illusion - belt style ring crafted in hand set cz stones on ...
    BRAND: unbranded  |  SKU: 448938784

    This innovative Illusion Ring pleasantly surprises with its Belt Style appearance.It becomes a matter of serendipity when you are looking for a ring and you find it crafted in a form of a belt that wraps around your finger.Details:Belt Style Ring.Hand Set CZ Stones AAA quality On Sterling Silver Ri...

  • $156.12

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